Who or What is learning to drive?

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Who or What is learning to drive?

Ratautonomy: Scientists Teach Rats How To Drive.

There's actually some serious science happening here. This could well be the weirdest story you read all week, possibly even the year, and yes, it’s absolutely true. Scientists have trained rats to drive a car. Granted, it’s a rat-sized electric car in a small enclosure, but yeah. Rats that can drive.


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Truckers Gain More Freedom

The would-be rules don’t change how long drivers can stay on the road—still limited to 14 hours on duty, with at most 11...

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Move will happen soon

Google’s Self-Driving Car Project is slated to reach a new milestone as it prepares to transition into a separate company outside of the Alphabet umbrella.

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Recall 75,000 Mercedes

Daimler said the fault affects the fuse in some of its A, B, C, and E-class cars as well as its CLA, GLA and GLC vehicles and could cause them to overheat in "unique conditions".


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