legal to drive flying cars on public roads

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legal to drive flying cars on public roads

New Hampshire makes it legal to drive flying cars on public roads

New Hampshire's fierce embrace of personal freedom confers drivers there a latitude found nowhere else in the nation. The Granite State is the only one that doesn't legally mandate wearing a seat belt. Earlier this year, state legislators worked to repeal the 85-year-old law declaring, "No person, while hunting or obviously on his way to or from hunting, shall have a ferret in his possession, custody or control," which we're pretty sure is another issue only faced in New Hampshire. Looking to the future, Governor Chris Sununu signed House Bill 1182 into law. Covered by Forbes, the "Jetson Bill," HB 1182 legalizes driving a flying car on public roads. Specifically, the law creates a way for the owner of a "roadable aircraft" to register with the Division of Motor Vehicles and pay a fee to get license plates, but using the car as a plane can still only happen at an airport.....

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