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Old Mercedes Van Gets New Life As Airbnb Guest House

Old Mercedes Van Gets New Life As Airbnb Guest House

May Van

If we're ever in Norway, we know where we're staying. Vintage Volkswagen vans are all the rage right now, but people often forget the lovable old L 319 from Mercedes-Benz. It was later rebranded as a range of models from L 405 through L408, but this particular L 406 from 1968 is special. It served as the personal vehicle for the fire chief of Gothenburg, Sweden for 20 years, but that's not necessarily out-of-the-ordinary for an old L. We highly doubt, however, that any of them became a bed and breakfast in Scandinavia. After decades on the road, this old Merc came to a couple named Bente and Pål, residents of a small town in Norway. Rather that rack up more miles or put the van through a restoration, they chose a slightly more relaxed life for the L 406. Its raised roof and bank of windows already made it rather roomy and open inside, so most of the interior bits came out, a thick coat of pink paint covered the weathered blue finish on the outside, and voila, it became a cozy bungalow......



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