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Beautiful Armored Car

Beautiful Armored Car

Armored Aston
When it comes to luxurious grand touring machines, you can’t do much better than an Aston Martin DB11. One can’t help but feel a bit like James Bond behind the wheel, ready to outsmart the bad guys while en route to an undercover black-tie dinner where the drink of choice will be a vodka martini, shaken not stirred of course. You may not be a superspy, but this particular Aston Martin currently for sale at JamesEdition can give you a bit of extra protection from baddies in the form of a level four armor upfit from Trasco Bremen.
What exactly does that mean? In short, driver and passengers are shielded from small arms and rifle fire thanks to steel and composite armor materials fitted into the doors, as well as ballistics grade glass for all the windows....



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